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updated    May 12  th.  ,  2014  
    Spring has  finially arrived ...   Kayaks and canoe  free  to use on premises.
  Outside fire place  ,free  firewood.

                ( A  4  SEASONS  RETREAT  )
 Welcome to central Maine. / with special off season rates as low as $300 per week from December to about May 11 th. each year.
     This is a single cabin on a wide stream, sitting on a peninsula with great views up and down the river. It has about 2000 feet of water frontage with  a  1/2 mile private entrance. ( Kayak useage included.)    The peace and quiet in a beautiful river valley, at an outstanding value, is what makes this location stand out.  
   It's   almost  June 2014 now  and I still have some prime spots   for this year.        - see my Availibilty Calendar <<or  ( opens in a new  tab )   if this link dont direct you to my calendar , contact me 
    Email me contact (preferred)  FYI  -- Most  of  my  bookings  happen in   Feb and March  ( related to early tax  returns I  think )  book  early  for  preferred  time  periods  in spring  summer and  fall requests

A pair of January Snowmen
A pair of January Snowmen

River Valley
New Snow - December

Cabin location on Kingsbury Stream - Abbot, Maine


Snow / river scene Mar.11,2011
March 2011, taken as a panorama by Carlo, a guest

Cabin Wedding May 1 2011


 In this photo the water shown is  just a  bit higher than normal , The waters edge is  about 100 feet  from the cabin.   From my house, I can hear this whitewater  and its over a half mile away ! You wont need  one of those  cassette tapes of nature sounds to put you asleep nights.

   The Cabin  is  accessable by  car , ATV and snowmobile  and is within a half hour drive of the following towns. 
Abbot, Guilford, Sangerville, Monson, Shirley,  Blanchard, Dexter, Ripley, Mayfield, Dover Foxcroft, Cambridge, Parkman, Kingsbury, Willimatic,   Piper Pond, Whetstone Pond, Sebec Lake, Bennet Pond, Davis Pond, Early Landing, Milo, Charleston, Atkinson, Greenville and Greenville Junction  I accept   short term reservations  if the cabin  is available. just look at  my online calendar  and email or  call to confirm.   I only need a 2 - 4  hour notice to have it ready for you. 

     My cabin is a  unique experience for those that are looking a little solitude rather your seeking just peace and quiet ( with the sound of whitewater in the background, 75 feet away)   or just using the cabin as a base camp to explore Maine. ( see " Things to Do" )   Several  very popular  things are  Guided Moose Tours, dod sled  rides ( winter)  and / or  fly fishing lessons in the Greenville area  by a Master Maine Guide click this  line for a  direct link 
   Recreational opportunities are abundant in this area with its lakes and ponds , streams and forests, whether you're hiking ,white water rafting, mountain climbing, This area of Maine is generally within an hours drive of countless hours of activities , our coast and lighthouses are a bit further.  A guide book is furnished ( Delorme's) with an endless list of places and things to do, such as Unique natural areas, Scenic waterfalls, Beaches, National and State Parks, Recreation areas, Lighthouses, Hiking trails, Places of interest and much more.   Other options are those morning walks in a  very safe neighborhood, canoeing and kayaking, or evenings building a fire outside in the  fireplace , (free wood) and cooking popcorn over an open fire with a  real popcorn cooker - you add the kernals, slab of butter and gentlely shake above the flame. Winter activities may involve snowshoeing (2 pr. provided) ice fishing nearby ponds and lakes, cross country skiing, or even renting snow sleds , a day or partial day, from nearby Greenville area.
     The "camp" is 6 tenths of a  mile down behind my house with a private access ( no other people, vehicles ) There is a residence on the other side of the stream and the visibility of their home is blocked  by trees and foilage. Their access is not  thought the cabin access . While your here you will realize that you have about 2000 feet of water frontage to yourself and that this stream is about 200 feet wide in many places.

Ok,  heres  the  brief on this place.
       Cabin in Central Maine: 1 1/2 story camp on beautiful Kingsbury Stream in Abbot Village.    (A four  season retreat at a low  price )  Peace and quiet is yours in this single furnished cabin  , located in a senic valley surrounding.  It  may be  considered a camp , cottage or cabin, but its  not a  condo, timeshare or lodge, thereefore we can offer low rates .Weekly Rates start at 300. to 550 / week, depending on the season. Sleeps 2-5 persons.  (My lowest rates are in the snowmobile and spring seasons. )   There are 2 bedrooms - 4 beds, outside ground deck, & upstairs bedroom balcony (outside ) , drilled well , hot water, shower, oil furnace as well as an outside fireplace and gas grill.   1/2 mile private drive, 2000 feet of water frtontage, no through traffic !
     Great base to enjoy the beauty and tranquility  of the area by the outside fireplace evenings or from the deck,  just outside the sliding glass door.  or  have your morning coffee from the upstairs balcony ., Of  course other options are relaxing beside the water , exploring local waterfalls , hiking , reading a book or hunting and fishing. ( see my THINGS TO DO  page)..Come live 75 feet from the gentle roar of the  white water and scenic waterway. You may see deer crossing the 200 ft wide stream from the deck or large window looking up stream.   Local wildlife include deer ,turkeys, beaver, bunnies, bald eagles, squirrels and an occasional moose.
    Furnished, (includes bedding, towels) oil heat, electricity, full kitchen, hot water, shower, gas cook stove, TV, satilite connection , DVD, VCR . Relax, enjoy the scenery, or swim at the rivers edge just down below the white water.( about 75 feet from the deck ) 

Fall foilage - Summer kayaking upstream
May 2006 - Sept 2008 Downstream

I'm a single camp owner who will go out of my way to provide you with the extra information based on your  families interests and abilities  to make your stay a great one.  Things like local scenic info, good  places to fish, local waterfalls,  recommended hiking  trails, white water rafting, etc..However A guide book is furnished ( Delorme's) with an endless list of places and things to do within it , such as Unique natural areas, Scenic waterfalls, Beaches, Parks ,Recreation areas, Lighthouses, Hiking trails, and much more. This is a great area all 4 seasons, rather your day hiking , summer vacationing, here for the worlds best fall foilage, or just need a scenic relaxed atmosphere to read a book. Fall big game hunting or snowmobiling are other options ( There is a  connecting snowmobile link from the cabin to the I.T.S. trails  and ATV  trails but because its  private  property and not part of the trail system , you wont see any other recreational vechicles near the cabin.)

     This region of Maine ( Abbot Village ) is away from the hustle and bustle and commercialism of other parts of the State. This is truly ' LIFE AS IT OUGHT TO BE ". Abbot Village is a small friendly town ( with one convenience store and one bakery, 2 crafts shops and ice cream place)  that sits near the exact center of Maine at the junction of 2 rivers that drain from the surrounding lakes, ponds, hills and mountains. It is between Bingham , Greenville and Bangor, we are on the southern edge of the Great Northwoods, It is a diverse area with some unique geological features  to include Slate quarries, several small waterfalls, and  hundreds to thousands of miles lumbering, ATV  and Snowmobiling trails . miles of working forest roads  Just a few hundred feet from our roads, you will see some very scenic areas.
    I own about 100 acres here and this  cabin is on the backside of my property  My camp is complete with all except washer and dryer. . . Many photos, full description,, things to do page, and availability calendar on this  web site, average email response time 1 - 3 hours, often minutes.

   AND YES ladies the cabin   does have inside plumbing !
  ......Please  notice that there is  more than one page here , use the index ( top right )

 Before we get very far,
Let's talk price right here on the front page! (you dont need to search or email for prices )
We are proud of our rates, I believe they are among the lowest in the State of Maine.

DEC 8, 2013- May 10th 2014 $ 300 wk./60 day
May 11, 2014 - June 14 $ 350 wk./70 day
June 15, 2014 - Aug 9 th $ 550 wk./ 100 day
Aug 10, 2014 - Sept 20 $ 450 wk./ 90 day
Sept 21, 2014 to Nov 01 $300/wk./60
Nov 2, 2014 - Dec 06 th $ 400 wk./ full weeks only
Dec 7, 2014 - May 10 2015 $ 300 wk./60 day
Does not include 8 % lodging Tax for STATE of MAINE
PLEASE  dont add  half of this tax  ( or any part of it )      in your  50 %  deposit     
      it will be added  on  the amout due on your arrivial .


Welcome to my personal web site! There are 10 pages here, WHITE LINKS  ( index ) ABOVE AND TO YOUR RIGHT.


winter upstream feb2005.jpg

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.
.. The purpose of this site is to get you the information that you will want, in reference to a camp , cottage or cabin rental, all in one spot. This section is for personal stuff, but you're here for camp rental info. - so I'll be brief. Betty, my wife, and I have two children, Mark & Michelle, both in their mid  thirties now.  One now a mother of two great kids , the other a registered  Maine Guide and now ex- single ( effective may 1  2011)
.. We were fortunate enough to have a choice where to raise our family , we made the choice of country life as opposed to a town. We made the right decision , they have grown up as responsible adults.
.. One of the things we did when we moved up to this farm was to start cutting each years firewood in a straight line right toward the river. Its 6 tenths of a mile back .(this is a 100 acre lot ) Gradually as we built a road down there ,we realized that this is a perfect place for a camp / cabin . So with family and friends that's what we did.
..In 2006 we started to rent  it as a  vacation spot , we  installed  electrical appliances, satilite dish ,drilled well , septic  system  for  protential guests and  now  we rent it out 4 seasons as income.

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I have a friend who is a Experienced   Registered Maine Hunting Guide accepting bookings for bear  deer & moose  ... See link top right of this page

Maine Cabin ( camp )

partial view of the kitchen area

Now painted brown

===== HOUSE FOR SALE BELOW  =======



NOW A RENTAL UNIT / WAS a buisness


You can't go anywhere on the net without a commercial, well, this is mine,  it's not relevent to the camp rental ......(for more on the camp  use the index at the top of the page or the last link down on this page  ..........
a click on THIS PICTURE  (above) will take you to a back page
I also offer a great  commercial business opportunity,  right here in central Maine .  A soft serve ice-cream , fast food shop , in a recreational area,  and a 3- 4 bedroom  house and garage / barn all on the same lot,  (TWO BUILDINGS )  priced right @ $149.000.  info - pictures on my last  2 pages .    Take a look , as an investment, just as a rental value they could pay for themselves in about  13 years or less.      Because Ice-cream dont sell well in the winter, the shop was converted to a 2 bedroom  apartment for  year round income, thus producing an income , and a  lot less  hours for me! Partial financing available.  One building is a  pre  1900  farm house and the  other built in 1998 is in a  great buisness  location and can be easily converted  back to a buisness front  with room for expansion rather  you want a  doctor's office location , restaurant , crafts shop or sports shop.    These two buildings are located on the edge of town across  from an athletic feild. also about 200 yards from a public beach and boat launch,

Camp Description