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Snowmobile in Maine

looking downstream

 It's  (almost ) Snowmobile and winter activity time, ( snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing or just solitude at the cabin )

updated  May 12 , 2014
    Our  2013  season was great ,with the early snow and late spring,  a  lady that rents  from me still got  in about 3200 miles  this year   Our "riding season" usually starts about the first week in January
Welcome to Maine's Winterwonderland. / with off season rates as low as $300 week
    It  may be time to reserve your lodging for this season or even a week during the summer.
  Snowmobiling in this area is  generally  fantastic, from here  there is  about a  mile  of local trail  to get to the connecting links  of the ITS .  
 email me (preferred)  or call 207 876 2639  ( before  8 PM EST )      other dates ??    CALENDAR LINK

 ...  its Been a   great winter  the last few  years with the early snows .  Each year , usually I have  vacancies at  the  cabin and mobile  home,  I offer special rates  for people that are  interested in booking a  couple months in a row  if available , - ask.  For those that  reserve  multi weeks or weekends , I offer  free sled storeage here ( so you dont need to trailor  your sleds  back and forth ) see  link below to my calendar   

SNOWMOBILE , Snowshoe Relax Winter scene

       Snowmobile access to the  main trails is  by a connecting link , pretty much only used by my guests.  its about 23  miles to Greenville by sled and 15 to Dover Foxcroft on some real good grooomed trails . ( Interstate Trail System 87 )
                   Look at my Availibilitry Calendar  for the Cabin here > CABIN   

    the  cabin  are with in 1  1/2  miles  by trail to a  place to eat  .   The  closest places  to eat are  1 1/2 miles, 4  miles ,  9 miles for the three closest .  Closest gas places are 4  mies and 9 miles.

Weather  you are just running  short trips or a day trip  you will find  that Moosehead Lake , Greenville, Rockwood, Pittston Farm , Rockwood, Moscow,  The Forks, Bingham, Moxie falls, Lake Hebron ,  Monson,  Kingsbury, Chamberlain or Chesuncook areas  are with in riding range of  either  my cabin or the moble home.  Other surrounding areas are Abbot, Guilford, Sangerville, Monson, Shirley,  Blanchard, Dexter, Ripley, Mayfield, Dover Foxcroft, Cambridge, Parkman, Kingsbury, Willimatic,   Piper Pond. Whetstone Pond, Sebec Lake, Bennet Pond, Davis Pond, Early's Landing, Milo, Charleston, Atkinson, Greenville and Greenville Junction, Bear's Den, Covered bridge Motel

HUNTING ,FISHING or SNOWMOBILING in Maine ? Low rates at either  location and free temperory storage for snowsled , ATV or boat storage for guests that have multi-weeks  or weekends reserved.


Moonlit nightscene  .... looking downstream  
 from  the sliding glass door  on the  outside
deck during a snowstorm 


   3 local members of the
BIG PINE Snowmobile Club in Abbot Maine
 Thats  our  local club , click on the photo to get to their web site and trail report .
   For a  local Snowmobile Map click here 
  Do keep in mind  trail locations may vary slightly from year to year .

 Why not rent your own place  rather than booking a motel with many restrictive rules .. just hop on your sled 24 / 7 , drive right out of the yard.  with a connecting link  it's just over a mile to   the States  ITS  system  (Interstate Trail System) from either the camp or mobile home     The road to the cabin is privately plowed for car / pick up access all winter 
    I also offer free storage for guests that have multi weeks or weekends for Snowsleds, Atv's or even boats and ample room for those trailors weather you choose the Cabin or Mobile home for your lodging needs



This is  part of the access road down to the  cabin / camp

               SNOWMOBILING in  MAINE
I'm looking for some snowmobile people for this coming winter  , LOW monthly rates and sled storage during the week  for my guests that have multi -weeks or months.  
   I  do have a two night minimun for weekenders of  the daily rate listed on my home page .
    My cabin is about a mile from one of the States well maintained trails, with the cooperation of my neighbors,we have a connecting link to that trail , you wont be buzzed by other sleds in the cabin area  or  the  mobile  home  area! if you in the area this summer stop in  , check it out !!

snowmobile trail map.gif

CLICK ON THIS MAP PHOTO (to the right )
It is a outside link to Maine Snowmobile Maps
It will open a new window ,it should take you to a web page
with the overall State ITS map ........ This area is
CENTRAL MAINE  with Abbot (this area) showing in the
top center of  "that" map


Click on this picture to take you to a
web page with a local trail map

First winter storm ( not much but it's white )

This cabin is 16 x 24   but is set up very well on the inside for maximin room .it is comfortable for 4 - 5 persons. (4 beds )  .  There is a full description on my CAMP DESCRIPTION page . The out side photo shows a upstairs balcony out of one of the bedrooms , a fireplace (wood furnished ) , a side deck , gas grill and table . .. There is  now a  roof  over the  outside deck  (new photo coming this winter)


Snowmobiling;  this is one of my favorite buisnessess in Greenville click on the picture  SNOWMOBILE Rentals  and clothing , (guided or not)  or
Snowshoeing; X/C skiing; Guided Ice fishing; Guided winter camping;
Backcountry Snowshoe .  THIS BUISNESS has
experienced Registered Maine Guides to assist you or lead you through a day or more of time well spent in Maine's Winter Wonderland.   (Mark Patterson is the guide I recommend - signed  his father )

Maine  has  over 290  MSA  clubs  here are the Regional Snowmobile Clubs

alot of  local snowmobile maps  can be  found through

Abbot: Big Pine SC PO Box 13 Abbott Me 04406
Atkinson: Cold Smoke Riders 101 Stagecoach Road Atkinson Me 04426
Brownville: Brownville SC PO Box 296 Brownville Me 04414
Brownville: Ebeeme SC L. Fair RR 1 Box 690 Brownville 04414
Charleston: Stump Jumpers SC 9 Dover Road Charleston me 04422
Dover-Foxcroft: Piscataquis Valley SC PO Box 52 Dover-Foxcroft Me 04426
Dexter: Wassookeag Snowmobile Club PO Box121 Dexter Me 04930
Garland Frosty Valley Snow Sledders PO Box 99 Garland Me 04930
Guilford: Four winds SC PO Box 543 Guilford Me 04443
Milo: Devil Sledders INC: Route 2 Box130C Milo Me 04463
Monson: Narrow Gauge Riders PO box 296 Monson 04464
Parkman: TrailBlazers SC 15 Libby Lane Parkman 04443
Sebec: Big Bear SC PO Box 21 Sebec Me 04481
Sebec: SC @ Sebec Fire Dept on the North Road

to get in touch with me , go to my page titled CONTACT ME or just click below for email
Dallas Patterson
41 Monument Rd.
Abbot  Maine 04406     207 876 2639 ( before 8 pm  EST please )
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