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Contact & RESERVE DATES page


E-MAIL ME Click here (on this line ) .....I have a really overzealous spam filter, PLEASE use the word "CABIN " in your subject line ( your email to me will come highted in red print and bypass spam filters if you do)

   Oh  one more thing, in certain cases in the past , I have had people who expected answers to their emails and  their emails were blocked or limited to only the people in their address  book  or they were over quota in thier accounts , those people was not aware that I had no way to reach them .  (You could leave a phone number with your email )

My rates quoted on my Home page ( first page ) are for family rates, consisting of up to 5  people. sometimes 6. If  you want to bring campers or tents for additional people you should expect to pay more. My rates are already the lowest that you have found, by hundreds.  Multi-familes getting above 5  persons does affect my costs, rather its cleanup ,extra maintaince or heating  hot water for showers. Please  keep in mind  the cabin sleeps  5 or less most  comfortable ,    (Special rate for extras  for weeks in November.)  Call me or email  if you have questions. I'm flexable.

Should you be interested in booking , Send me an email to confirm your dates  with  your ph. # and address,  I'll reply to confirm your dates .... after that  I would like for you to send me full payment for partial weeks  (or a deposit of 50 % for full weeks) within 7 days.. Once  you have told me  that you have sent your deposit  , I will put your dates on my calender for  7 days  (as the dates no longer available to others.) and send you an email the same day as I receive that deposit.

The reason I ask for a 50 % deposit is that the week or period of time that a potential guest is interested in, is the only week that I have available for that time period..
     This is a unique single unit , not one of several or of  many units
Your deposit is the only way that I know your serious about it , if you want me to hold it for you a few days or longer while you are deciding , I cant do that. To hold it for you exclusively means "taking it off the market '' , others would look at my Availability Calendar and see its not available. and if you change your mind , or found that you couldn't get time off from work, I’ve lost not only your business but possibly that of someone else who was considering "your week ".
We do keep your deposit money in a separate account should a cancellation at a later date become necessary


Would you like to be able to find this site again ?    Why not just print out a buisness card ?...    RIGHT CLICK the card on the left of this text, and select Print Picture  or Select  E-mail picture and mail to to your own address (in case your at work now !) when you do print it  it should print as  regular buisness card size

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This is where you can find me or send E-mail by clicking the  email address below  / not the mailbox

Dallas Patterson   
41 Monument Rd.
Abbot Me. 04406
207 876-2639 ... Please dont call after 8 pm EST

If  you came to my site looking for lodgeing for the  Deer Season or Moose Season , this is it . The lowest rates in the State . I'm not a guide , but I am familular with this area, I think I can help you .   If  my cabin is already booked  consider the  mobile home ( you dont need  the waterfront)
    I personally know 2  damm good REGISTERED MAINE GUIDES , that specialize in hunting, the other in recreational activities (moose tours, fishing, sightseeing, river trips ).  A  guide is  not required in Maine.

I hope you found this site easy to use,with the pop up windows leaving the main page as it was. This is my first web page, most of it done in two days . But everything can use new ideas . please tell me what you are thinking,  Use my email, I  welcome your suggestions and comments and questions !

Maine Vacation Rental Cabin - Camp

Two Moose in my backyard
Two moose in my back yard

Dallas Patterson              
41  Monument Rd.                                  
Abbot Me. 04406
             207 876 2639   Please do not call after 8 PM  EST       
 ...As a matter of interest ....You may want to know what my cancellation policy is , if you cancel before  45 days of your arrival date I offer a full refund, if you cancel with in the  45 days , I'll try to rebook it , if I am successful I offer a full refund , If I am not able to fill that vacancy  , I may  keep  part or all of  your deposit  (depends how much time I have, and I do make every attempt to rebook , even to the extent of throwing in additional monies in short term advertisements ! ... Its to my advantage to try )     This is  a  unique single cabin and unlike a  motel  with  many  units , a  short term cancelation  has a  big impact on a single unit . .          Dallas & Betty

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