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Camp Description


This camp / cabin is in the very central part of Maine

It is a 1 1/2 story camp on Kingsbury Stream in Abbot Village. Furnished, (includes bedding, towels) has oil heat, electricity, hot water, shower , refrigerator & gas cook stove. $60 to $120 daily (seasonal) Weekly rates as low as $250. I'm a single camp owner who will go out of my way to provide you with the extra info to make your stay a great one. Things like where to go 4-wheeling with no complaints, local scenic info, waterfalls, hiking and about anything you want I'll help you set up if  you want help . I own about 100 acres here and your pretty much free to do as you like. My camp is complete with all except washer and dryer, drop me an email with questions and expect a reply within the day... usually several hours.
Relaxing, Hunting, hiking Snowmobiling, 4-Wheelin', Simple Peace & Quiet



This photo is  taken from the roofed deck looking downstream in mid September   The  fireplace is just off to the right

Here are some of the details (several photos below)

Peace and quiet is yours in this single camp on beautiful Kingsbury Stream. Ideal for hunting in Oct & Nov.  or for just laying about on those  summer days. Deer, turkeys, bunnies, squirrels ,bald eagles and a  occasional moose and other wildlife are frequently seen from the kitchen window.  Access is by car most of the year, about 350 days       Rental weeks are preferablly set up for Sunday noon to Sunday noon during . Full weeks only in November, other times are optional. General rates are the lowest in the State I think, ($300 - 550 week ). There are four beds upstairs, in two rooms (one Queen size and a  twin, the second room - a Full size and a twin.)  The front bedroom has a 6x10 upstairs balcony .  The down stairs is basically two rooms plus the bathroom. The camp measures 24 x 16 feet. Utensils, pots, pans, silverware, dishes, cups and glasses are furnished . Also towels, facecloths, and one set of bedding per bed, consisting of pillow ,blankets and sheets.(additional ones are available on request). For electrical appliances,   there is a refrigerator, radio, toaster, can opener ,coffee pot with filters, alarm clock and regular clock, 2 smoke alarms as well as a hot water tank  Also  there is a TV, ( with satellite connection + FOX ) Pay-Per-View movies are available by request only through my house - office   ,  The TV  also has a VCR / DVD  player  and there is a rental place about 12  miles away . 
      Most of the time, the cupboard is stocked with a varity of  cooking spices that include salt, pepper ,flour ,sugar, coffee to include the  most common ones,and usually a  few  dry or canned food items that I furnish and some people leave. Generally  I recommend that people bring coffee, eggs, milk, bacon , bread, butter, mayo , mustard,and perhaps pancake mix ( for that first breakfast the next day ) if  I were to name a few. (local store one  mile away  that serves breakfast and light lunches all day )
   There is a small MICROWAVE. The water is  supplied by a drilled well, this supplies the kitchen area, bathroom and shower. This camp is a fully insulated, six inch wall, 1 1/2 story, wood frame structure. It is heated by oil heat as a primary heat source. There are seven thermo-windows downstairs, one of which is a sliding glass door  leading to the deck, looking down the stream, the window on the opposite wall has a great view upstream. There are two windows upstairs. There is a stone fireplace outside  ( I supply a good amout of wood ) as well as a gas grill. This camp sits on a small piece of land that juts out into the stream. Many places this stream is 100-200 feet wide. Summer and fall are typically low water flowage. Directly in the rear of the building is some nice whitewater, depending on the water volume, Canoeable downstream. ( Canoe and kayak use free  on premises) The best  trout fishing time is about Mermorial Day plus or minus 3 weeks. Also across the stream from this  remote cabin, there is one residence (blocked by trees).  They are an older couple but he does not allow people to shoot deer on his 500 feet downstream.(should you be here for big game season , bow hunting or rifle ). Deer and some moose are fairly common crossing the stream.  The state offers a fall moose hunting season unmatched in hunter success anywhere in the nation, as well as world-class hunting for wild turkey, ruffed grouse, pheasant, upland game and waterfowl. I own about 100 acres here , my land as well as the adjoining parcels on the  north  side are not posted. The telephone will have "call block " - no toll calls, bring a calling card for other than local calls . I suggest that you apply for a " Maine Doe Permit " or "Moose permit" if this aspect of deer hunting interests you. Let me know about this permit and I will be sure you get the application. ( now online starting in 2008) If your interested in deer ,bear or moose hunting   using a Registered Guide , please see the  HUNTING IN MAINE page. (link next line down )


This  shows the outside fireplace, free wood and the picnic table . The deck is about 70 feet away and the rivers edge is just to the left out of site in this picture .

Dallas Patterson
41 Monument Rd.
Abbot Village, ME 04406
E-Mail    Ph. # 207 876-2639 Please do not call after 8 PM EST

** In the past few  years due to a  better  4 wheel drive pickup, I have been able to keep the camp road plowed all winter,  from the first deep snow , typically in Dec.   Each year I'm looking for someone who is interested in renting it by the month  at a greatly reduced rate.   but  I do accept 3 day - week  reservations as well.  On a  WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY I may ask you to park your vechicles at the  top of the valley for overnight , I'll provide off road parking and storage for your snowmobiles during the week if you dont want to trailor them back and forth weekends.  If you are up this way this summer, I'll take you down to the camp to see it .

. TV  / satillite dish
. VCR / DVD 
. Kitchenette
. Refrigerator
. Microwave
. Gas cook stove
. Oil heat
. Electricity
. Shower
. Inside flush
. Outside fireplace
. Gas grill
.  Picnic Table
.  Deck
. Upstairs Outside balcony
. Linen
. telephone
. Senic area
. On premises Canoe , kayak rental
. air conditioner  in main room

Below is a picture of the inside of the camp, downstairs, the sliding glass door is to the left of where i'm standing to take this  photo ,the dining room table  to the right .

Photo of downstairs layout of the camp

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Fall highwater / deck showing

Rare flying moose. raised on Miracle Grow

Other photos in or near the camp