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Maine Vacation Rental Cabin - Camp

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Additional Rental Property ( most weeks $300 & less )

 Febuary 13th 2013  This residential mobile home  is  currently rented out  as  a  full time  monthly rental, Ill leave this page in place  for the time being  , because of  other  info  with in it.  I'll update this  page should it become available.

 No Vacancys  for  2013 from Mid march on..   (see )

  Great base for 4-wheeling, snowmobilers,  hunting deer or just exploring Maine's  inland areas and getting away from the tourists centers.  (great base  for  deer camp for November)

   This well maintained home may be ideal  for families that can or are willing to sarifice waterfront property to save several hundred  dollars on lodging. Its a  great low cost alternative to a  motel or hotel.   It is a single furnished mobile home , not a trailor park!  With the deck and additional bedroom it has over 1100 feet of floor space, bigger than a lot of small homes. There are lawn areas on 3 sides of the trailor. outback there is  a swing-set for children, picnic table, a outside brick fireplace for summer enjoyment, with lots of area for walking or playing. While it has no waterfront, the nearest beach area , public tennis court, playground and convience store are one mile away. We often see deer and turkeys and an occasional moose out back. This area of Maine is generally within an hours drive of countless hours of activities.
     A guide book is furnished ( Delorme's Map & Gazetteer ) with an endless list of places and things to do, such as Unique natural areas, Scenic waterfalls, Beaches, National and State Parks, Recreation areas, Lighthouses, Hiking trails, Places of interest and much more. 
    Recreational opportunities are abundant in this area with its lakes and ponds , streams and forests, whether you're fishing, hiking ,white water rafting, visiting waterfalls, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, or just sitting on the deck with a book on clean clear crisp summer nights while listening to the frogs chirping and their  mating calls fill the evening and night time air. ( mid April to August at nearby frog pond about 80 yards away) .   Many of the best spots in Maine for outdoor activities are closer than you might think,   our coast and lighthouses are a bit further. (about 1 hr. 45 minutes)   Hunters, fishermen or people with ATVs / 4  wheelers (with or without boats or trailors , are also welcome -  lots of parking room

Large partially covered deck
New BBQ gas grill furnished , table chairs

     This full size furnished mobile home has 3 bedrooms, full bathroom (tub/shower combo), spacious living room, kitchen, and beautiful deck on the front of the trailer.  ( this is not a trailor park)  Included  are washer/dryer, television with satellite, vcr/dvd, pull out couch, refrigerator, gas stove, table, chairs, with most kitchen necessities, such as coffee pot, toaster, microwave, dishes etc… Along with the necessary items for the bathroom; towels, toilet paper, etc… For beds, there’s a full size bed in the addition, (that was added on within the last couple of years), 2 twin size beds in the second bedroom, and a bunk bed set up in the third bedroom.  Sheets , pillows and blankets provided. The couch pulls out into a full size bed for additional sleeping needs. The trailer can sleep 6 people comfortably.

 Although the trailer has a large shared driveway with my home, having your own privacy should not be a concern. The mobile home is located to the right side of my residence about 120 feet from the residential portion of my house, with a shed and workshop extended in that direction  There is  a  lawn area  on all 4  sides of the mobile home.  Early fall, deer within 150 feet of the  mobile home are fairly common . During the summer  months , there are 3 fresh water beaches with in 5 miles for swimming for families with  young ones, and a kids swingset  area as well as a  picnic table for adults to sit at while attending the  kids, or  they can be seen from the comfort of the shaded deck.  Town owned playground  and tennis courts are  a  mile away .  4 miles down the road , in Guilford there is a much larger play ground.


It is a single unit ,not a trailor park. There is a completely  private small lawn in behind the trailer, to one side, a large yard with a picnic table, an outside fireplace and fire pit for summer enjoyment.  (I supply free wood ) The firepit  is a  great place to cook our "Maine" RED HOT DOGS and roasting those favorite "smores" ..   I  have a  portable firepit , if you would like one  a  bit closer to the deck area than the fireplace out back.


       There is a  pinetree plantation, just 100 yards away ,out beyond the apple trees -  great place just to walk through on 3  inches of needles.  There  are several miles of trails and woodsroads  just here on my property for you to enjoy, some lead towards the  cabin  (camp) down by the water. There is also a  BBQ prophane grill on the large front deck. There is a lot of area for walking or playing. Of several nearby freshwater beaches the  closest is  about a  mile away  for swimming in the summer, its about 6  miles to the ones  with  floats for the older kids.


Partial views of  Living room , one bedroom and Kitchen areas

Also this area is located within driving distance of some of the best spots in Maine for sightseeing, hiking, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, skiing, white water rafting and other outdoor activities. ( look at my  " Things to DOpage  to fill up your week if you need ideas )
 If your  here  just to relax, read a  book and do nothing  , Thats  great  you deserve it.     Perhaps  our local bakery , craft shops  and less than "world famous"  nearby waterfalls, and geological formations and slate quarries might draw  you out .


     There is  a  man made  frog pond about  100 yards  from the   mobile home   from  late April into August  you will hear the  chirping frogs and their  mating calls  fill the evening and night time air.
   Bald Eagles are  not uncommon in this area, occasionally  you will even see them "guarding " the frog pond.

HUNTING or SNOWMOBILING in Maine ? Low rates
Free snowsled , ATV or Boat storage for weekenders


This  trailor  has  about 1100 square feet  of floor area counting the  additional bedroom and front deck , its  bigger than many small homes . Sleeps 6 comfortably.

Often you will see deer in the back yard  up near the apple trees. We  keep a  couple of acres of lawn mowed . Through out my property there are a  number of woods roads and trails where  you  may see  deer  , bunnies, turkeys and if you look up often you should see a bald eagle.


                   MOOSE HUNTING   --
 2011 Season Dates and Areas Open to Moose Hunting  
                SEE link  below
Notice: Beginning in 2009, moose permit applications will only be accepted online. Paper applications will no longer be printed or mailed. The online application process will be available starting in early January of 2009.
    My cabin and the mobile home are located on ( very  near) the zone 14 & 17  districts in Abbot .   more info on Moose hunting in Maine at

 see  this  link for  general infomation ( licences , seasons, limits   laws  )

            if  you email me   about  this mobile home ,    please  use  MOBILE HOME  in the subject line , because  i have two rentals on my property , 1/2 mile apart, and need to know which one you are looking at
Dallas Patterson
41 Monument Rd.
Abbot  Maine 04406     207 876 2639 ( before 8 pm  EST please )
     ( Maine Vacation Rental Cabin - Camp )
Availibility Calendar for cabin only


            Mobile Home  2011 & 2012 (Sat.- Sat.)   
  Sept. 3 2011 to Oct 30 2011 $250wk./60 day
Oct 31 201 to Dec 3 $400 wk / full weeks ( DEER  SEASON )
Dec 3 2011 to May 12 2012 $250 wk/60 day
May 12 2012- Oct 27 2012 $300wk./ 60 day
Oct 27 2012 - Dec 01 2012 $400 wk (full weeks )
Dec. 01 2012 - May 11 2013 $250 wk/60 day
               Does not include  7 %  lodging Tax  for  STATE of MAINE
PLEASE  dont add  half of this tax  ( or any part of it )      in your  50 %  deposit .
                      it will be added  on  the amout due on your arrivial .
                AND  MY  DATES ARE FLEXABLE

This web site gives a description of  both places  that I rent out , the mobile home is less expensive because it has  no waterfront.  most of the infomation on this site applies to both locations , and they are 6 tenths of a mile apart,on this  100 acre lot.

 Things to Do with in 1 - 22  miles of the mobile home
    This  list below will have some of the same things as  my  "Things to do page"
    scenic     Right here in Abbot is a  small  waterfall , its  names is  Gales Falls , from Abbot go  towards Guilford  about  1  1/2  miles , take a  paved road to the right , go to telephone pole # 13  , you will see a  place that a  mobile home used to be,(on the  left ) park there ( off the road ), walk strait ahead about 150 feet  into the treeline , you will see a little waterfall nestled in the cedar trees . 
 Also in Abbot  at Upper Abbot, there is a  unique rock formation at the  "old bridge site" along with the remains of a old griss mill and turbines.
       scenic     There is a  wooden covered bridge  between Guilford and Dover-Foxcroft.
    Back in Abbot  headed west on route 16,  Check your  odometer , go exactly 9.6 miles,( we  will now be in Kingsbury ) there will be a  small brook there ,(near a  road numbered # 200) Maybe even a sign laying down that says "BOTTLE BROOK " someone dont like that sign marking that brook    this  waterfall is between 15 and 23  feet high in 2 steps , its  just a  pretty little waterfall  that many locals  have never seen .  Once at the  brook walk downstream  about  a 4  minute walk.
     Further  up route 16 in Bingham  there is  Houston brook Falls ,    scenic    follow  route 16  across the river ( downtown ) take a  right  after  crossing the bridge , go about 2 1/2 miles on Pleasant Ridge Road , park at the  town tranfer station , find  the  path just on the left side of that parking area. (about a  6  minute hike)
   Moxie Falls   scenic    is about  93  foot  vertical drop and is about 25  miles  north of Bingham on route 201 at THE FORKS. 
  Wyman Dam scenic     is located  just above Bingham in Moscow , to find the  dam  watch for a street  named  STATION ROAD  and  you'll most likely see a Central Maine Power  sign also , after   wet weather  this  dam often has 3  rainbows if the sun is  shining .
   Bingham is  the  home  base  of several whitewater rafting  outfits  North Country Rivers 800.348.8871
  General hiking areas , right here at the  cabin  follow  the  ATV trail "upstream"  and  you will come to some more whitewater up around that  2  nd  bend , about a  15  minute walk one way  
    Borestone Mountain  just above  Monson is a favorite  hiking area scenic     BORESTONE  MOUNTAIN  in Elliotsville , about a  3  hour round trip , elevation gain of about 1100  feet   , just for sunny  days
    Mt Kieno scenic    Don't miss this hike. You take a boat (shuttle) over from Rockwood. Then, hike the Indian Trail, which has the best views. At the top, there is a fire tower. You may elect to climb the fire tower. At the top of the tower, there is a 360 degree view of both ends of the lake, Mt Kathadin, Canada, and the surrounding mountains
  In the  Greenvile area  there are several places to rent a  boat with motor to use on Moosehead lake for a  day / or  hours or from the downtown area  there are 2 tour boats one being The Kate , a  refurbished Steam boat ( now deisel ) used for decades for towing log booms,

this  page  is  still in progress   notes to me
add  stuff on covered  bridges   light  houses , mention my  things to do page  is availble  for  idea on activities , sq  footage about 1018 feet , 2  public beaches  within 6  miles , closest one  one mile, casino 50 miles away, fall foilage in maine