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Maine Vacation Rental Cabin - Camp

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restaurant - ice cream parlor equipment for sale

UPDATE  march 1 2010   . I  keep this page up to date to include what I still have and whats been sold .  Only several items remain   There are  various pieces of equipment below with prices ......  soft serve ice cream machine ,    , stainless steel hood with fan - with Ansul fire prevention system, , Mcflurry blender , 

On the  heavier  items ,the shipping costs are too much , if  your interested   I suggest that  you get a  pick up and  drive to Maine to get them , I'm 4  hours  north of Boston.
    Dont ask me  to return a phone  call to you on these  items, when  i  know  that  with  the shipping  costs and my  reasonable prices combined ,  it   would be  cost prohibitive from buying the  item  your  looking at .
    i  probably have spent a  $100 on these calls in the  past, with  no sales.    EMAIL   me instead ... I'll answer  every email  with in several hours ..  use  the  words Equipment & CABIN  in the subject line,  it will come to me  as  specially marked  mail

For the  items  that  I still have  , each   has  a  price  with it  I have had a number of chances to "give" these items away .
  Dallas Patterson    
41  Monument Rd.                                  
Abbot Me. 04406
        207 876 2639   Please do not call after 8 PM  EST      
prices do not include shipping (done at cost , to include lumber , foam and whatever needed for a good  packing job- no surprising handing costs )  

This is a Santi- Serve machine below , air cooled  typically chocolate or strawberry  from one spindle , Vanillia from the other  and the middle handle provides the mixed  twist .  The handles are not shown in this photo , this was taken after the machine was stored for the closed season.  I have  the stainless steel panels for the sides of the machine although they are not shown in this photo they ''dress up''  the machine . This machine is 2 independant units on one base , each side has its own 220 electrical feed and controls.
  I was asking $ 6000.00 , but  effective  today 6/30/05  it  is  now just  $3200 (only because  its taking up space to store it ).... I have a second unit (water cooled) simular to this one .


  Model A5221J   Serial #  111898
Volts 208 / 230
PH  1
cyc 60
Manf.Date  16589  ( must be a code )
There are two independant units on this  base , each has
 its own electial cord  and the info below applies to each unit.
 COMPRESSOR     RA 13.4  LRA 59
  AGITATOR   HP 1.25     FLA  8.9
 FAN    HP 1/20 th       FLA 2x.84
Refrigant Charge   R502       Lbs. 2.25
Suction Release  19-23
Max. Fuse Size  40  Minimun Cuircuit Breaker 30 amp
test pressure high side 300 PSIG . Low side 150 PSIG
 NSF and UL   rated and listed

While this machine  ABOVE was my main # 1 machine, I had a water cooled machine as a parts machine....... it will be sold seperately


This is the  machine used at McDonalds    (    Flurry   )   $350.00
If  you have soft serve, this mixer will add dozens of items to your product line, and about double your ice cream profits .. We named our product line  Sangerville Slurrys (not to infringe on McDonalds Patent) some examples of various candys added were  Peanut Butter, Heath Bar, Butterfinger, Oreo Cookies, and half a dozen more!
 Oh this item has a foot control switch with it , (original Manf. item ) for hands free, other than holding the container . This unit  uses the same paper container  for mixing that is going out the window to the customer anyways , nothing to clean up after each order ! Great for fast turn around.
   This  unit requires a special square shanked spoon  and is  available !

This machine was manufactured by Vita-Mix Corp. in Cleveland Ohio 44138
You might get additional info on it at Taylor Midwest Equipment in Fenton MO 63026
or Salem Equipment co at 937 223 5010


$7400.00   Stainles steel fire surpression sytem  Ansul ( 4 head ) , believed to meet all the codes of most States and locacities
This was purchased brand new and professionally installed . It is in place , would require about 1/2 to one day to remove, its value is about 12000 dollars or more.
It come complete with  all  controls, plumbing, extinisher, charger ,stack and exaust fan..   Photo of the stack with its exaust fan is below.



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