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Maine Vacation Rental Cabin - Camp

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Paul's 3 CABINS

     This page describes and has photos of 3 other rentals for my friend Paul , I am trying to help him rent them out , get in touch with me. His rate is about 350 per week. He has no email If you want to reach me by email - You can do that by CLICKING ON MY name AT THE END OF THIS PARAGRAPH, it is a link to my email.
   In your email, please refer to a specific one ( Cabin# 1 or Cabin #2 or Riverside Cabin ) . I can answer most emails within several hours. I do get paid by him for this referral service and my priority is to rent my place first !!! USE email to me , not the phone please             Dallas    ( << e-mail link )

NOTE TO DEER  and big game HUNTERS
   I am renting out my friends places for him in Blanchard,  Maine.    Paul's 3 CABINS  but i dont have his  availablility list weeks in November, as well as summer weerks ( My calendar  only reflects the availability of  "my" place)
  Currently  he has  vacancies in both  cabin # 1 , 2 + 3  for November , both of these places are best suited for 4 people or less, both are NON SMOKING INSIDE ( positively  !!!)
   BLANCHARD is  where the local hunters go for the BIG ONES , 200 pounders !
    his  rates will be  about $350 - 400 per week depending on number or persons , a  deposit will be  required.  I get paid for  my  part  here .  if your  interested  , Ill do the  booking for you and will provide his  phone #  if you have specific questions  that I cant answer ,
   All 3 of his places are furnished.  #  1 and 2 cabins  have water and electricty.

This CABIN  is the  RIVERSIDE CABIN  ( #3 for reference)





This is a rustic little cabin with quite a lot of room inside , It has one main Bedroom  and a fold out couch , it will comfortably sleep 3 to 4. The  bedroom doors are on rollers much like the old carriage houses
 This cabin sits on the bank of the Piscataquis River, it is  on a large lot , feel as if  your alone in this  great location . There are rock walls and game trails along the rivers edge.
   But be warned  you are back to some of the basics, this cabin has no electricity .  It  has a 1940's  icebox, you actually buy a block of ice  for your refrigation needs , It has  gas lights and a wood stove  ( wood furnished ) for heat and cooking and also an apartment size gas cooking range. It does  has a spring feed  running water ( seasonal ) for the inside sink. (subject to freezing on the outside supply line).
   It does have a wood cook stove as well as a gas stove.
     Other important considerations are  that it has a  real out house for your toilet needs  and  for that bath ,it has a seperate  sauna building , wood fired of course !! build  a  fire out there  , get the rocks  hot and add  a  bit of cold water and  you have instant steam bath.

CABIN # 1 below.. located in Blanchard Maine (population  , not many )


 Cabin # 1 is fully furnished , except a TV ? - , It does have electricy, inside plumbing, shower /tub, gas cook stove, washer dryer, oil heat, working antique wood stove, dishes , towels and linen and its a beautiful little cabin with a catherdal ceiling.   2 bedrooms and a porch.     This is a clean and "polished" little cabin. Sleeps 3 to 4.
  This cabin is  maintained on the outsdie as well as the inside, I point this out because of the distortion quality of the photo when reducing  it down to a small size for this site , it is  neatly cedar shingled !           Within the  building, there is a  bedroom on both ends  as you look at the photo.


these two photos  show how clean this place is ! most of it has  real pine paneling,   Polyurethane finish.
 These 2  units   #1  & # 2  are sit up on a hillside overlooking the Piscataquis River, they are about 250 feet apart with a tree  barrier. You may see deer right in the yard near the apple trees .



this  shows  one of the two bedrooms that are located on each end of the  building. both are about the same size , each with a  bureau and closet.  THIS  CABIN AS WELL AS #1 HAS A WASHER & DRYER.

CABIN  # 2 is  below

I  had a  problem with reducing this  picture size digitally , distortion went all to hell  , the building looks a  lot better than this photo



This  bedroom has two twin beds together , in the living room area  the couch pulls out for a bed


 Cabin # 2   is also furnished and somewhat larger  with a  TV ? (ask), inside plumbing, shower, electric range, oil heat as well as a wood end heater, also washer dryer,dishes and linen. this unit has a deck.
     Both places have a nice lawn area, they are about 200 feet from each other  with a wooded section in between.  And is  located in Blanchard Maine ( population - hardly any ! ) a very nice quiet area. 


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